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Published Date: 08/12/2014

Cash flows mainly focused on blue chips that had good business results, including VCB, HPG, PPC, SAM, REE, DPM and FPT…There were some mid caps, including , HLD, SJS, HDG, BCI…, that promised good business results in Q4, recovered significantly last week. Investors were interested in industries, including construction, construction material, infrastructure and real estate. Besides, there were some companies operating in transport industries such as (HTV, VIP, VST, VOS...) which were favored by investors thanks to a decline of gasoline.

In general, the market showed some positive signals as volume increasing and most of tickers recovering. Cash flows came back, supporting the market significantly. Volume was still at medium level reflecting that investors remained cautious.

From a technical view, both indices were on an up trend and likely to test higher resistances at 590 – 600 with the VN-index and 90 – 91.4 with the HNX-index. We recommend investors should focus on blue chips in industries such as construction, construction material, real estate, infrastructure and transport.

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