Our M&A Team assists clients in finding the right partner(s) whether the clients are buyers or sellers, working out a win-win solution for both buyers and sellers. MBS provides a full package service to assist buyer/seller in deal structuring, selecting the targets, conducting due diligence (DD), valuation, negotiation, regulatory approval, and supporting in required legal procedures for successful transactions.

The client portfolio, who use our corporate advisory services has been continuously expanded, enabling us to build up the most updated and reliable database of investment opportunities in various industries such as financial services, consumer goods, health care, education, real estate, utilities, industrial zones, power plants, and ports, etc, in Vietnam’s major cities and provinces. Our strong experience in working with and deep understanding of investor’s requirements from different jurisdictions will substantially facilitate the matching process.


Introduction and assistance in assessment of opportunities

The key challenge for foreign buyers is to find matched deals. Business size is one of the causes of such a challenge. In the private sector, while a large part of potential businesses are either too small or having no immediate need for raising capital, others may not be ready in terms of the corporate governance in general or internal controls system in particular. Buyers may also face issues in business structure. A majority of Vietnamese companies are simultaneously run quite various business activities, of which buyers may wish to invest in only one. MBS can help scan the potential sellers in various industries and introduce a shortlist of relevant targets to potential buyers.

Facilitation in negotiation

The difference in culture and business practices may make the negotiation process more difficult than it can be. Most of our M&A advisors have been trained from overseas and have strong experience in working with multinational companies and thus will be able to assist in removing such barriers.

Assistance in conducting due diligence

Conducting due diligence (financial, tax, commercial and legal) is often a tough exercise and can impact the success of the deal. Conducting Foreign Corrupt Practice Acts (FCPA) DD for buyers, which are listed in New York Stock Exchange and/or London Stock Exchange, is even much tougher. Deep understanding of the culture of the targeted seller, good planning of the due diligence will facilitate the whole process and make both parties easier to cooperate. Our experience in previous deals will bring real value to you.

Advice on Vietnamese legal requirements

Making investments in either a Vietnamese public company or a private joint-stock company, a liability limited company or a company where the Government holds more than 50% stake will involve various legal compliance requirements, including reporting requirements, taxation, registration, bank account, foreign exchange, and other specific compliance requirements applicable to relevant industries. Our M&A service team, with a deep understanding of the Vietnamese legal framework and strong practical experience, will assist you in planning and executing your deal smoothly.

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