1. Introduction to MBS online transaction system

  • MBS Securities Joint Stock Company (“MBS”) provides online securities trading services to customers under a license granted by the State Securities Commission.
  • MBS online transaction system brings convenience and flexibility, helping customers to make transactions remotely via telephone, internet and other online means proactively and swiftly that helps saving time and money.

2. Potential risks arising from online transactions

MBS commits to provide customers best services and minimizing risks at its best efforts. However, online transactions still have some potential risks arising from equipment, transmission lines or third parties providing services outside the control of MBS and customers. The client undertakes to have read and be clearly aware of the risks that may arise including, but not limited to:

  • Technical errors incurred as of the failure of MBS hardware or software system; The system crashes, is attacked, illegally interfered with or infected with a virus, delaying communication activities, causing confusions, errors when processing client identifications or making the receipt, process, implementation of clients’ online transactions affected.
  • Problems and/or the risk of network system shutdown due to line congestion, line breakage, limited transmission capacity or other objective problems; The transmission line connecting from MBS to the Stock Exchanges is faulty, deactivated, causing the Client's transaction to be delayed, not executed or omitted, duplicated or error caused benevolence on the part of the supplier;
  • Trading orders may be suspended, stopped, delayed or have data errors;
  • The stock price list and other securities information may contain errors or discrepancies during online trading;
  • Account information, username, password and/or security code of the Client is disclosed or appropriated / used illegally by a third party;
  • Objective causes such as natural disasters, earthquakes affecting the hardware system;
  • Any other risks as stipulated by law may arise that the Client encounters during online transactions.

3. Disclaimer

MBS is not responsible for any errors or losses, damages (if any) of the Client arising and/or related to risks in online transactions and risks in cases information is leaked out by Clients.

4. Support

In the event that you detect someone else using passwords and perform unauthorized transactions, please notify MBS immediately via 1900 9088 to settle ontime.

Sincerely thank you for your trust in choosing online trading service at MB Securities Joint Stock Company.

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