Thanks to the solid financial foundation and the strong support from the Parent Bank - MB, MBS always outperforms the business demands of its partners and customers through a variety of financial support services. MBS has successfully established a relation network with financiers to give financial support to the concerned customers in need of securities investment.

MBS’s financing services include:

  • Cash advance;
  • Advanced purchasing power;
  • Margin;
  • Bank offering loan for buying securities (M-Credit).
Fee for financial service interest rates: Click here for details
Margin service policy: Click here for details
In order to optimize customers’ capital use demand, the Cash Advance Service helps customers receive the money from selling securities right after the service is used without pending the sales as prescribed.
  • Method of service subscription/use:
    • Direct subscription at the counter;
    • Online subscription.
  • Customers may advance a part of the whole proceeds
  • Advance fee: It is prescribed by MBS from time to time with the minimum fee of VND 50,000/time. See details at the fee for financial service interest rates
  • Advance repayment: MBS will automatically extract customers’ advanced amount and advance fee from customers’ securities transaction accounts when the proceeds are credited to the accounts. (T+3)
  • Service time: Before 4:00 pm every day or time as notified by MBS from time to time.


In order to optimize transactions and customers’ capital turnover, advanced purchasing power is a service that the advance purchasing power is provided by MBS so that customers can use uncredited proceeds immediately.

Advantages of the product:

  • Be automatic purchasing power, do not require single advance;
  • Register once only;
  • Only have to pay a service fee if the order is matched;
  • Only have to pay a one-day service fee incurred on the actual loan (See details at the fee for financial service interest rates).


Margin is an instrument that utilizes leverage in customers’ investment activities. Customers may use a part of MBS’s loans to buy more listed securities than the normal purchasing power.

Advantages of the product:

  • Do not need to sign a document for each loan;
    • Automatic disburse and collect debts when money is available in the account;
    • Register once only;
    • Do not require to make an initial deposit;
    • Offer high lending ratio and diverse loan portfolio;
    • Provide automatic purchasing power (leverage).
  • Service interest rate: See details at the fee for financial service interest rates.


MBS is a member of MB Group. Thanks to the advantages of MB Group, MBS has cooperated with MB Bank to provide the loan service for securities payment. This is the service where the Bank offers loans directly to customers in need.

Advantages of the service:

  • Register once only;
    • Do not need to sign a single loan document, disburse automatically;
    • Automatically debit when money is available in the account;
    • Provide high service limit and simple appraisal procedures;
    • Offer a large number of loan codes without restrictions in accordance with SSCV’s regulations on margin;
    • Supply high lending ratio, up to 70% of the account
  • Service interest rate: See details at the fee for financial service interest rates.


Securities business cooperation is a utility product offered to investors. The product helps investors who have idle money and no time for direct investment to coordinate with MBS so as to target to a certain income level from that idle balance.

  • Target customer: Individual and Organization.
  • Term: very flexible from 1 week to 3 months or in accordance with MBS’s policy from time to time.
  • Minimum contributed amount:
    • For individual customers: VND 100.000.000
    • For organizational customers: VND 500.000.000
  • The interest rate from capital contribution investment: See details at the fee for financial service interest rates
  • Income distribution method: At the end of the term
  • Service registration method:
    • Direct subscription at the counter
    • Online subscription.


The purchasing power calculation is an added service facilitating the financial leverage to customers in accordance with annexes for securities business cooperation of customers at MBS. The annexes are used to calculate the purchasing power which is equivalent to a cash amount without having to liquidate these annexes.

  • Advantages of the service:
    • Do not require premature liquidation of annexes for securities business cooperation while still having a respective purchasing power to conduct transactions at any time;
    • Enhance purchasing power, be entitled to direct disbursement for matched orders without having to liquidate annexes for securities business cooperation;
    • Do not charge service registration and use fees;
    • Ensure customers’ financial plan in accordance with the annexes for securities business cooperation without missing market opportunities at any point in time.
  • Target customer: Individual/Organization
  • Service registration and use fee: VND 0.
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