MBS advises clients on plans, procedures, and legal requirements in the issuance of debt instruments such as corporate bonds.



This is a special process of changing the legal form of a company. In order to ensure the successful operation of a company after the equitization, it requires careful preparation, settlement of various issues in respect of human resources and asset ownership. In many cases, it may involve debt and or major operational restructuring. MBS provides advisory services and assistance to support State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) as well as private companies to successfully conduct equitization.

Securities listing

MBS provides advisory services and assistance to clients in all required steps to be listed in Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) and Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HSX) including pre-listing steps, valuation, preparation of the application dossier and other required documents, marketing, applying for a license, conducting road-show(s), completing reporting requirements and settlement of issues that may arise during the course of listing and post-listing process.

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